Saturday, February 25, 2012

I saw a black lab pup today

Imagined name Aiko or maybe Akiko (3-syllable like my other two). She's so CUTE but very leggy...much taller/ bigger than Haruki when I brought him back. 10 weeks. Born 15 Dec. Litter of 4 males, 1 female. All black. Father imported from Aust. Champion and breeder shows his dogs. Anyone?

No, I don't lurk ard the pet store anymore. Was there to make grooming appointment for my fat boy. The pet store girl remembers me and Ruki after 3 years. Then again, dog grooming girl also remembers Ruki after not visiting for 1.5 years the last time. I think the boy enjoys his spa time because when I send him there...he doesn't even look back to see that I have left the room. He just heads straight to the groomer.

Anyway, Aiko is very sweet. If only....I had more hands (and legs) and love to go ard. This will complete my dream tri-color factor.

Girls are easier to handle.

My boy's walks are non-negotiable. He's my personal trainer. Yes, he trained me well. Absolutely no excuses to skip the night walks.

My dad keeps saying he wants to make dog soup out of my boy..... (maybe I should tell him that since this is his plan, I need to get a dog replacement)

I think my dad is actually secretly proud of my boy since he gets stopped by total strangers who ask about the boy, during their evening walks.

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