Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Number 3

Ever since meeting cousin Tango, I've been thinking about number 3. Wishful thinking...even though I know, it's gonna be a black boy. Name has already been picked for him. Don't panic. I'm not ready to walk 12 legs and pick up triple amount of poo.

..but, it does make the family complete. Hmmm... I'd better not wish too hard. That's how Mariko came about the last time.

I know my boy wants nothing to do with a new kid on the block. He was irritated by Tango's presence and went about snarling and nipping him.

My girl is definitely game for it because she's dying to have a playmate. Her brother only likes to eat and sleep most of the time. She might re-think it if she knew that she will no longer be the baby of the house....until number 3 grows to full-size.

I wonder what happened to my gentle boy. He was definitely smitten when my girl first came. He even let her chew on his cheeks. He's still very gentle and allow her to chew on his cheeks in the morning. But, I think he knows better than me that to add another one means less sleep, more annoyance and longer waiting time before food ...because the little ones can't get their acts together at dinner time.

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